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Nxtbook Media Selects Mirror Image for Worldwide Content Delivery

Written by Marcus Grimm

Nxtbook Media(TM) (NBM), a technology-based company that provides multimedia digital publishing solutions, today announced it has selected Mirror Image Internet Inc.’s content delivery solution to reliably deliver its clients’ digital publications to readers all over the world. To prepare for traffic spikes associated with the launches of high-circulation digital publications, NBM chose Mirror Image to ensure 100 percent availability of the publications delivered via their browser-based Nxtbook FX.

“As a service provider to a rapidly-growing list of publishers, it is critical for Nxtbook Media to have a robust and scalable network infrastructure to meet the demands of the rising popularity of digital publications,” said Matthew Harrington, director of product development for Nxtbook Media. “Mirror Image allows Nxtbook Media to quickly deliver digital publications to both our domestic and international readers. In addition, it easily handles the large amount of traffic that is generated each time our client launches a Nxtbook to its subscriber list.”

With a growing list of clients looking to use their Web based reader for digital publications, as well as a quick rise in the number of international readers, Nxtbook Media was looking for a content delivery network that could fulfill two requirements:

– Quickly deliver Nxtbook content to readers in countries all over the world.

– Easily handle large spikes in Web traffic resulting from the launch of a digital publication to a large list of subscribers.

Mirror Image’s patented Content Access Point ® (CAP) network, combined with its award-winning customer service, made it easy for NBM to choose the company’s service to fulfill these content delivery needs. Mirror Image helped NBM quickly integrate with its content delivery network so that NBM’s clients could experience the benefits immediately.

“When visitors go to Nxtbook Media’s Web site, Mirror Image ensures the requested content is delivered efficiently and reliably to their browsers,” said Jeffrey Schutzman, vice president, global sales and marketing, Mirror Image. “Our global distributed network enables Nxtbook Media to deliver content to millions of their readers around the world simultaneously.”

Significantly different from static .pdf technology, Nxtbook(TM) technology is used to publish magazines, tradeshow brochures, catalogs — or any other print products in an easy-to-read digital format. Nxtbook(TM) allows information to be presented as a double page-oriented document optimized for a computer screen. NBM’s digital publishing platform is based on open Web standards and does not require the downloading of proprietary software readers. The technology also enables real-time results reporting, including the number of readers who have accessed the online magazine, time spent on each page, and other invaluable tracking information.