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The Digital Magazine V. The Website…

Written by Nxtbook Media

It’s a question we get asked a lot – how a digital magazine is different than a website. In fact, we were given the opportunity to expound upon this a bit in Niched-Out-News. However, Jim Meskausas explains it even better for MediaPost:

I realized that what I like about Time, or any print vehicle for that matter – be it magazine or newspaper or broadsheet or pamphlet – is that I am exposed to tidbits of information and long-form thought pieces that I don’t necessarily want to fetch. I
am presented with an organized collection of opinions, perspectives, information and facts that are the construct of someone else’s mind, or a collection of minds.

Jim’s comments were made about print, but they apply equally to digital magazines as well. They don’t present a better or worse reading experience. Rather, they present a different one entirely.