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The Canaries in Our Coal Mine

Written by Marcus Grimm


I had the pleasure this week to speak to more than 35 of Lancaster’s top real estate agents at a lunch and learn hosted by Ken Pederson and his friends from Fairway Independent Mortgage.

I love Realtors and real estate for the simple reason that they serve as the canaries in the coal mine of our economy. I’ve found that if the local open houses are busy, things are probably looking up, and vice versa. These front line warriors are the first to enjoy the good times and warn us if the weather’s about to turn.

The topic of my talk was “Taming the Wild, Wild, Web.” We talked about Klout, Pinterest, content marketing and more. And at the end, the audience seemed to be “chirping” with new business ideas.

It’s a busy time for us on the speaking circuit. Next week, we’ll be talking about the 7 Ways You Know You’re at an IT Crossroads on Wednesday and then we’ll be making our way up to Harrisburg on Thursday for Turning Communication Focuses Inward. Hope you can join us!