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The Buzz

Written by Marcus Grimm

Your audiences are being fractured into many pieces…print readers, digital publication readers, website readers, mobile readers and so on…  At Nxtbook, our goal is simple:  take your PDF and publish it wherever your readers are!  From that, you get versions for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like an iPhone / iTouch.  If you’re a Liberty customer, you also get a text version that works on all web browser enabled mobile devices (i.e. BlackBerry, Android, etc…) and a version for the visually impaired.  We also have the ability to deliver your content to eReaders (i.e. Amazon’s Kindle and their Kindle Store) and potentially to the new tablet devices (i.e. iPad) right out of the box! 

Another critical part to the success of our mobile strategy is the ability to deliver the proper version to your reader’s device without you having to send them a special link.  With the exception of eReader devices (lack of email capability), you can simply blast out the link to your Nxtbook and your reader will get the format specific to their device!

Bottom-line, we believe our place in the future is to ensure that we can deliver your content – seamlessly – to ALL devices!  You should be able to give us your PDF and know – confidently – that readers can find your content, regardless of their device of choice.

If you’re ready to bridge into mobile platforms, make sure to contact your Account Management Team to get started!