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The 3 Dos and Don’ts of Circulation

Written by Joy Beachy

Circulation is an altar on which many have sacrificed time, stress, and manpower whilst prayerfully wooing new readers into discovering and falling in love with their content.

It is from their trial-and-error that today’s digital publishing society can see which efforts are worth the energy, and which actions will make readers angry and distrustful.

3 Dos and Don’ts of Circulation Strategy

DO: Use current events to keep your content up to date and relevant to today’s audience.

DO NOT: Use current events to create inflammatory headlines or bait-and-switch articles.

improving viewership

DO: Use multiple channels and content types to reach audiences with varying preferences and tastes. All channels/content then point back to your publication.

DO NOT: Use the same copy across all channels. Respect the audience found there.

DO: Make it easy for readers to share their content with their social and professional networks by including clear call to actions and easy paths to sharing with a single click.

DO NOT: Beg for RTs, shares, likes or emails. Retweets shouldn’t be confused as a primary objective for circulation.

While this particular post was written with a small smile at the corner of my mouth as I reminisced on some of the good and bad tactics I’ve seen over the years, I am serious when I write that the story doesn’t end here. If you’re looking for ideas on how to increase your circulation or get more engagement with your content, anyone here at Nxtbook Media can help. We have tips for everything from tactical approaches to social media, to how to build a better online presence, to promoting your digital magazine better with the resources you have.

In addition, if you’re still scratching your head about that last DO NOT, I offer you “10 Reasons I Don’t Retweet You & Your Content” from socialmedia today.