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Take a Second Look at Design

Written by Nxtbook Media

It would be easy to get into a design rut: you have a specific look to your magazine which is comfortable for you and your readers. But now that you have a digital edition, it’s time to take a second look at the layout. Does it still inspire readers to turn the page? Does it function well in a digital environment? Does it even look good on a screen?

Take AAA Southern New England (SNE) for example. From the beginning, they treated their print and digital platforms as separate tools for their brand. In their print publication, they provide readers with long-form stories and articles in the format readers expect. But then they create a digital-only publication, Horizons, in which they pack each page with consumable content coupled with engaging animations and rich media. Click here to view a preview issue of their magazine.

The second design element to note is the optimization for reading on multiple screens. The landscape design takes advantage of all the real estate afforded any size screen and makes it easy for readers to view. Having their content available on any device reinforces their brand as a traveler’s resource. (Note: You cannot view the preview edition on mobile devices. This is a membership magazine exclusive to AAA SNE members.)

In typical AAA style, Horizons establishes itself as a rich knowledge base and an engaging read by baking rich media directly in the design. They know this works because they watch the in-depth analytics provided with each digital edition. They also encourage readers to take a survey, located in the top toolbar, so they can hear feedback straight from the readers.

AAA SNE made the original list of 7 Sensational Digital Editions for 2011. If you’d like to hear other sensational stories with in-depth looks at what each publisher does well, sign up for this webinar, held 9:00 am EST (2:00 pm UTC/GMT).