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Tablets: Don’t Neglect the Significant for the Urgent

Written by Nxtbook Media

On February 24th the Motorola Xoom tablet was released, and already some have said it is poised to offer a real threat to the iPad market share. With a comparable screen size and weight, the Xoom has some of the same qualities of the iPad while running the droid operating system.

While Nxtbook is already running our publishers’ content on Android devices, there is one crucial element we still advocate when talking with publishers about their digital edition strategy: when it comes to tablets, don’t neglect the significant in favor of the urgent.

If 2010 really was the year of the tablet, publishers are feeling the pressure more and more each day to make urgent decisions regarding getting their content on tablet devices. The problem is, with every month that ticks by, it seems a new tablet device is coming out (see Samsung, Apple, Dell, and Motorola, to name a few). There’s a real push to get there and to get there yesterday! But there are significant factors in play, not the least of which is to consider:

     – While there are a lot of tablets being produced, how many of your audience are buying and using them to access content? (check out some stats here).

     – How much collateral do you have to invest in developing an app? (Nxtbook offers app packages for native, web, and branded apps. Ask your account manager for the app guide.)

     – Is your business model better suited for laying out your content for one tablet/mobile device, or do you want to use the same layout for multiple devices?

With the push to get on every new and shiny device, it’s a good idea to talk with your account manager and utilize our information base to develop a strategy for your business. Nxtbook account managers spend a lot of time in the digital media trenches for this exact reason: to be of service to you.

Not a Nxtbook customer? A good place to start is to download the 2011 e-Reader Guide to learn which devices are proving relevant so far, and which are still waiting in the wings. (Nxtbook publishers should feel free to download the guide, too, for additional information.)