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Supposedly Apple Has Something New Coming Out?

Written by Nxtbook Media

After months of anticipation, the iPad is here. If you missed the press conference, here’s a fairly comprehensive review of the product. If you want to see what some of Folio’s readers thought about it, click here. Here are some of the questions (and answers) we’ve been thinking about today:

What’s it mean for the eReader market?
Probably not a lot for the Nook or Kindle, which will continue to offer a comfortable eReading experience with huge stores for content. Products like the premium priced Que Reader – which hasn’t even launched, yet – might be left out in the cold.

Will a Nxtbook play on the iPad?
The native Nxtbook is built with Flash, which doesn’t work on the iPad. However, the recently released iPhone version of the Nxtbook should play just fine, and will even play all embedded videos and have live advertising links (two features fairly uncommon in the marketplace). And, given the likely adoption of this product, if it doesn’t run awesome on an iPad, it will!

Where do apps fit in?
One of the questions we’ll be asking over the next few months is where apps fit into the iPad equation. After all, if the device lets you see Facebook in its full-page browser glory, the benefits of the app are reduced to notifications (admittedly a plus). Sure, games and other products will succeed mightily on the device as apps, but publishers should look at how your app would be different than either your website content or your optimized digital magazine.

Doesn’t Steve Jobs want to sell my magazine?
Apparently not. Valleywag pointed out that even though the iPad was being hailed as a savior to the magazine industry, there was no talk about them showing up on iTunes. To me, though, this is like finding out you weren’t invited to a party at the school bully’s house. Yes, it’s a party, but people aren’t having that much fun. We’ll say it again: the best place to sell your magazine is your website. Period.

Your move:
The iPad is just one of a slew of products that will compete for your audience. Partnering with Nxtbook and enabling your iPhone version guarantees a seamless transition to this new device the day it’s released.