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Show Me the Money

Written by Marcus Grimm

At last count, about 40% of our Publishers were monetizing their Nxtbook in some way.  If you’re among them…GREAT!  If not, we’ll try to help get you there now!  According to a recent survey of our customers, single-issue sponsorship packages have been sold for as little as $1000 to as much as $50,000.  Sounds like some nice ROI a $250 investment!

But why would an advertiser want to sponsor an issue your Nxtbook?  The simple answer is the sponsorship package (done right) is a GREAT opportunity for them to showcase their brand and offer a targeted, personal message to your readers in an exclusive way!  Outside of extending their message to your Nxtbook audience, Advertisers also using them for unique co-branding opportunities (i.e. they want to be linked to your featured editorial stories), to generate leads (i.e. "visit our booth at the upcoming show"), product launches or demonstrations (i.e. using Rich Media to bring their message to life) and much more.

If your advertiser asks, "can’t I achieve some of these objective within my ad already inside the Nxtbook?"; it’s a "Yes, But…" answer.  You can certainly enhance any creative in a Nxtbook with Rich Media (Audio, Video, etc…) and Flash Animation, but the sponsorship areas typically achieve 5x the number of click-throughs over ANY other single ad inside the Nxtbook (assuming the creative is engaging and their "call to action" is clear).

Our sponsorship bundle gives you up to 3 areas to create a program for your advertisers.  To make things more efficient for you and your advertisers, we have standardized on IAB specs for the sponsorship areas within the Nxtbook.  In most cases, we can accomodate custom sizes but certain changes might result in less real estate for the Nxtbook itself (see examples below for specific sizes and additional considerations).  Now, let’s take a closer-look at the various sponsorship areas (soon to be 9 spots) inside of the Nxtbook and how they can be utilized: 

  • Nxtbook Loader – The area displayed on the computer screen when the Nxtbook is loading.  It’s an ideal spot to insert a logo for quick (think seconds) branding opportunity.  Ideally, the logo should be supplied as an EPS file for maximum clarity.
  • Left of Cover area – The PREMIUM sponsorship position that’s visible when your Nxtbook opens (or anytime the reader returns to the cover spread).  To quote one of our Sales Directors, "Think of it as your print’s Back Cover on steroids!"  You can enhance the position even more by utilizing Audio, Video or Flash Animation (additional charges may apply).  The IAB spec for this area is the Large Pop-Up (550 pixels Wide x 480 pixels High), but you can mirror it after your Cover Page size too.  Ideally, we recommend a size that’s a slightly smaller footprint than your Cover to make them both standout.    
  • Skyscrapers – The positions to the Left or Right of the Nxtbook that remain visible throughout the reading experience.  The IAB size for these spots are 120 pixels Wide x 600 pixels High.
  • Full Banners – The positions Above or Below the Nxtbook that remain visible throughout the reading experience.  The IAB size for these spots are 468 pixels Wide x 60 pixels High.
  • Toolbar (aka Microbar) – The positions to the Far Left, Center (coming soon) and Far Right of the Top Toolbar than remain visible throughout the reading experience (as long as the auto-hide toolbar feature isn’t enabled).  Yet another good spot(s) to insert a logo for a branding opportunity.

Knowing that you can use up to 3 of the 9 sponsorship areas, we have seen you selling a variety of effective sponsorship program combinations.  Currently, two of the most common ones being sold involve:

  • Combo 1:  Nxtbook Loader, Left of Cover and Right Toolbar
  • Combo 2:  Left of Cover, Right Skyscraper and Right Toolbar

Don’t forget, animation and rich media are excellent ways to enhance sponsorship programs (additional fees may apply).

We also have additional sponsorship opportunities available outside of the Nxtbook for RSS Feeds and Mobile Platforms.  To learn more about them and creative ways to integrate a Nxtbook sponsorship program into a larger package (i.e. email, webinars, shows, etc…), please contact your Account Management Team!