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Seth Godin on the Kindle

Written by Nxtbook Media

Godin makes some great point on how the Kindle can take back some of the mindshare that the iPad is gobbling up which could turn into market share in the near future. In regards to conversations on this blog, here’s the most vital one:

"Let publishers, leaders and corporations push PDFs and chosen books directly to their tribes via the Kindle."

At the FOLIO show, we showed iPads, Kindles and other devices to dozens of magazine publishers. While many were turned off by the black & white screens on the Kindle, many MORE were turned off by the fact that they had to charge for content and couldn’t actively market on it. In many cases, once they understood these facts, our eReader "lab" became an iPad lab.

The curious part? Everyone we spoke with who owned a Kindle loved it. Completely and entirely. Truth is, the device is far less of a limitation than the business model on the product. Though, ironically, the same could probably be said about the iPad.