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Say What? Engagement Matters More Than Clicks?

Written by Nxtbook Media

ComScore recently released research suggesting that engagement (demonstrated by users hovering their mouse over an ad) and viewability is more important than CTR when it comes to buyer conversions. You can read the full study here and see if you agree metrics showing engagement and interaction are more compelling than pure click-throughs. 

"’My key takeaway,’ said Pretarget founder and CEO Keith Pieper, ‘is that optimizing to viewable impressions or hover time is a better proxy for a brand advertiser than a click-through rate.’" — quoted from AdAge

Far be it from us to insinuate that website and digital publishing is a similar medium. (In fact, click here to read this week’s post on that.) However, until comScore studies the power of increased engagement in digital magazines, this study can still point to the power of engagement in ads delivered to users’ screens.

So how do you optimize ads for maximum engagement and value? Some quick ways to get started include making full page ads in landscape formats for easy screen reading and visibility. More advanced users might add light animation to draw readers’ attention or interactive elements to elicit reader participation with the brand. Advertisers hoping to gain from a digital campaign can position their products directly next to relevant editorial: fortunately, with digital publishing, they won’t need to worry about possibly appearing "below the fold" in order to achieve that.

The power of engagement isn’t new. Rather, as the industry matures and publishers and advertisers alike learn what to expect, publishers can begin to capitalize on it with greater confidence.