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Rising Postal Prices Might Affect Your Ability To Mail Catalogs

Written by Nxtbook Media

The good news is this won’t go into effect until after the major catalog season, otherwise known as the holidays.

The bad news is there’s going to be an average postal rate increase of 2.1% starting January 22, 2012. This means selling products via print catalogs and flyers just got a little more expensive. The question is, do you pass the increased rates to your consumers, decrease how many catalogs your ship, or look to diversify how you distribute your materials?

We’ve been watching the USPS struggle to figure its way out of financial crisis for some time now. Back in January there was a hope that rates would only increase 0.8% for Standard Mail flats, making a much smaller price bump for shipping catalogs. The new price rate wasn’t enough, and we’re watching as prices jump again.

Providing your readers with digital catalogs is one way to circumvent the rising shipping rates. You could also avoid inflating rates for paper and ink. What’s more, since so many businesses are offering digital catalog options now, there’s a plethora of information on how to make the switch profitable, not just as a tool to cut costs. When print and distribution prices starts chipping away at your bottom line, it’s time to look for other ways to get your catalog in the hands of your readers.