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Read All About It

Written by Marcus Grimm

Typically, there are 5 ways to distribute your digital publication to your readers…email campaigns, website promotion, social media postings, search engines and digital newsstands.  For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll focus on email campaigns.  In managing email campaigns for a number of our customers, we’ve uncovered some practical ways to improve upon their effectiveness.

Like many Publishers, you probably send out an email to your reader inviting them to read your digital publication.  With today’s "inbox overload" and sophisticated spam filters, the biggest obstacle you face is getting the reader to open your email.  According to some industry reports, a "good" B2B industry benchmark average email open rate is between 20%-25%.

If you’re not seeing 20% or higher open rates on your email delivery, a couple of factors come into play…subject lines and list management.  Having a simple, but engaging subject line is critically important to your email open rate’s success.  Do you know what motivates your readers?  Is this a part of your subject line?  For example, does your subject line read "Your latest digital edition of XYZ is now available"?  A subject line highlighting your featured article, "How to Stay in Business – read now in this issue of XYZ" is more likely to grab your reader’s attention and get them to open your email.  Don’t be afraid to try new approaches – test what works best for you.  Remember, even making a minor change might make an incredible difference.

If you’re satisfied with your email’s subject line and you’re open rates still aren’t meeting your expectations, list management might be another area to address.  Are you sending out too many emails to your list?  Keeping your list current and segemented are important considerations in today’s email arena.  Do you follow-up your initial blast with additional, unique re-blasts at various intervals to the audience who didn’t open the others?  Done right, this process will help increase your email open rates too. 

Getting your email opened is just the first part of this digital publication circulation strategy; having your reader click-through into the publication is the ultimate goal.  If you’re click-through rates aren’t meeting your expectation, it’s time to exam your email template.  The most effective email templates that we’ve seen follow a short & simple model:  Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much text or information; highlight 2-4 main editorial features, place them near the top and jump link them directly into your Nxtbook; make it easy (single-click access) and clear to your readers WHERE to click or how to access your Nxtbook by using our free animated GIF or highlighting a direct link (use a different font size and color) in a prominent area away from the body of your copy.  Keep in mind, anytime you require a reader to provide additional information or click more than once before granting access into any digital publication, there can be a "zero out" factor.

If you’re not currently using our email campaign services, we’d be happy to do a one-time, FREE evaluation of your email template and subject line.  For more information, please contact: Mallory Weiss, Director of Email Programs (