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Promoting Your Digital Magazine

Written by Joy Beachy

Promoting your digital magazine may be old hat to some, but it bears a refresher every now and again. After all, can you honestly say you are doing all you can to promote your digital edition? If so, read no further, and get back to collecting all the names of new readers that are pouring in. If not, perhaps this can be of some use to you.

In Print:

For those publishers with print editions, there’s no need to alienate your print and digital versions from each other. They can work in tandem. After all, the PPA TAP research suggests tablet digital editions have rejuvenated readers’ interest in "magazine media," and frequently tablet readers also read print editions of magazines.

 – Tack the URL to the digital version of each article. If readers want to share the article, it is a lot easier to email someone a link than to tear out the page and mail it.
– Keep a page or spread devoted to a house ad promoting your web or native app versions for readers who haven’t heard about your digital options yet.
– Sprinkle callouts here and there highlighting digital-only content (such as videos or pop-ups with more information) that can be found if they check out the digital version of the magazine. Provide links for every digital-only content piece.
– Email current print subscribers a copy of the digital edition so they can see the benefits of the digital version at no risk to them.

On The Web:

– Have a blog? Try posting the introductory or executive summaries of articles in your blog, and link an enticing call to action ("read more" is popular) to the full article in your digital edition. After the reader is finished with that article, they can turn the page to find more.
 – Keep an updated ad on your home page alerting readers to when a new issue has been published live. Add animation to it to catch the eyes of readers who don’t know to look for it.
 – Work out a social media calendar that promotes specific articles in the digital edition. Promote posts, hashtags and conversations started around articles so others can join in.
– Post letters to the editor on your website, and link back to the articles they’re responding to in your digital edition.
– Find special interest groups passionate about the same things covered in your publication. Post links to these groups’ forums, blogs and social sites, but only if it adds to the conversation.
– Instead of only posting full archived articles onto your website, keep links to archived copies of your magazine in plain view.

Try some or all of these ideas with your next issue. After all, advertising is a thriving business because people respond to promotions. The same theory can be applied to your advantage by promoting your digital edition.