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Plenty of Shimmer for Nxtbook Customers at Eddie & Ozzie Awards

Written by Nxtbook Media

This post was written by Eric Gervase, a Sales Director at Nxtbook Media. Eric attended the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards Gala along with Nxtbook President Spencer Ewald.

 I kid you not… it was snowing up, not down, yesterday at the Eddie & Ozzie Award due to the sheer force of the winds. And despite being pushed back a couple weeks because of similar weather, "the show must go on," and it did. Happily, and not surprisingly, Nxtbook customers came away with quite a bit of hardware (or glassware as it was) at yesterday’s event. Here is a quick (ok, maybe not so quick, they were blessed) rundown of our customers who won awards.

  1. AICPA
  2. Professional Media Group
  3. Questex
  4. Booz & Co.
  5. The Nielsen Company
  6. McGraw-Hill
  7. Turnstile Publishing
  8. Energy Central
  9. EE Times
  10. Scholastic
  11. Advanstar
  12. Kalmbach Publishing
  13. American Society of Cinematographers
  14. Cypress Magazines
  15. Crain Communications
  16. Taunton Press
  17. EatingWell
  18. MSP Communications
  19. Yoga International
  20. Suffolk University
  21. Information Today
  22. NewBay Media
  23. Morningstar Advisor
    UPDATE: The problem with sitting with Nxtbook customers is that they tend to be so captivating that we missed another Nxtbook customer on our list. Sincere apologies and congratulations to Dino Publishing for picking up a Gold Ozzie! mg

I personally had the pleasure of sitting with Sherri Miles (formerly of Suffolk University, very recently of University of Miami) as she took home 5 Eddie awards. I also sat very close to another customer, Booz & Co’s Strategy + Business team, as they took home 4 awards. Congrats to Alan Shapiro, Charity Delich, Jonathan Gage and the whole team at Strategy + Business.

All in all, it was a great event. Seeing some of the wonderful design and thought provoking content coming out of the magazine industry is really inspiring. Can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for this coming year.

The following video was played at the Eddie & Ozzie Awards Gala as Eric and Spencer prepared to take the stage: