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Perspective and What it Means

Written by Nxtbook Media

In this year’s FOLIO Digital Edition supplement, John Parson writes, "Both ZMags and Mygazines have largely turned away from branded apps in favor of HTML and HTML5 for their iPad editions." Though Parsons doesn’t say why, the gist of the article is to look at some of the potential technical advantages of HTML5 technology, so one could draw the conclusion that’s why these digital companies are doing is.

And, in my opinion, it would be a false conclusion.

Thus far, self service digital publishing companies haven’t succeeded getting apps on the iPad, and the limitation isn’t technical. Rather, it’s that Apple doesn’t relish making it simple for just anyone to get their content online. And, because a developer’s account is required, it can’t be done cheaply enough to support the pricing provided by these and other vendors.

Technology is only half the coin. The half that Parsons neglected to acknowledge were the business realities of both the vendors and Apple.