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One of our Favorite Nxtbook Digital Publications from March

Written by Angela Ryan

March digital publications have all been released and we’re highlighting one of our favorites! The one I’d like to share with you is produced by SkillsUSA, a partnership of students, teachers & industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Their focus is students in the workforce and they produce a quarterly magazine, CHAMPIONS.

Up until now, their digital edition was a replica (direct replication) of their print edition. They recognized that this was not the best way to reach their younger audience so they decided to take some action and get in front of their readers where they already were – mobile devices. They also knew they would have to make a more interactive digital version that was fully responsive. Our responsive publishing platform was the perfect fit for them!


The first thing they did was told their readers that this new digital version was coming. This is so important to do before making changes to how people will consume your content. In their Winter 2015 issue, they added a section which mentioned that the Spring 2016 issue would be digital only. They also highlighted a few things that readers can expect from the new digital platform and made themselves available for additional questions.

The process leading up to the first issue was very much collaborative. Skills shared their vision with us and we tried to hit their goals, hear their ideas, and use their print edition as an inspiration for this new digital version. This new interactive version had to be totally different but keep the SkillsUSA Champion spirit and branding.


They really allowed Nxtbook to take creative lead on the publication and take full advantage of the platform. We added custom background images to make it visually appealing to the audience. The calls to action asking people to “watch a video” are so ideal for any digital version of a magazine. They also added a PDF download button in the footer, to give people a choice to read in that format if they wanted to.


When the issue was complete and ready to be shared with their audience, they used social media to make the announcement across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Mentioning the mobility of the new platform was key in order to set them up for success – letting their audience know what to expect! The comments, shares, retweets, and likes on the posts confirmed it was going over well.

When you visit their website, it’s one of the first things you see – a cover of the Spring 2016 issue. They highlight a few articles and link directly to them right on the homepage. What a great way to get people into the publication!

Great job SkillsUSA! Check out SkillsUSA Spring 2016 issue by clicking here.