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Old Media Excels on New Platforms

Written by Nxtbook Media

So if you’re concerned that you can’t "get" new media because you’re an old media guy (or girl), get over yourself. As this article points out, what’s working now isn’t different from what was working back in the day:

What’s the fastest growing medium in digital at the moment?
Online video €¦ or basically TV commercials interrupting other content being
sold on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. That’s essentially the medium we have
been buying since the days when Don Draper was sketching out story boards.

The media, you see, is old. What’s new – and what you need to do – is figure out how to package it. Stick videos in digital magazine ads. Give advertisers more screen real estate. Consider: more than a few publishers say their left-of-cover sponsorship position in their digital edition gets a monster click-through rate. The stuff works now, just as it worked then.