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Nxtbook Media Mixes it Up

Written by Nxtbook Media

We’ve often said we pride ourselves in offering publishers the best of the best: the most education opportunities, the top strategies for success, unparalleled levels of service, and so on. But what is sometimes missed is that we can offer all this only because we have an incredible staff.

Nxtbook Media is a living, breathing company of individuals. This past week, we had the opportunity to showcase that to 300 members of our community by hosting a Lancaster Chamber of Commerce mixer event. People were wowed as we demonstrated what we do and how we do it. Visitors were welcomed to tour our facility and to ask any Nxtbook employee questions. Conversations ranged from the metrics tracked in digital magazines to the wow-factor of custom animations depending on whether you were talking to a developer or designer, account manager or accountant. The entire company was open and fair game.

If nothing else, this much we know: our clients have access to a very bright, enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic, and creative staff every day. By taking on mass demonstrations of our company to whoever wanted to listen, we tapped into the "We can do anything" culture we use as a part of high-performance team. And we are at your service.



Group shot


*In case you were wondering, Nxtbook staff was in green shirts for this event.