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Nxtbook-It and Crawl is on to Something

Written by Joy Beachy

We didn’t know as we started planning the Nxtbook-It and Crawl 1 Mile Race that running a mile was making a comeback, but according to the Wall Street Journal and Bring Back the Mile organization, it is. We did know a few things though:

  1. A mile is a comfortable distance for runners and walkers of all athletic abilities to achieve.
  2. A mile is a great way to test how fast you can sprint for a longer distance (but not too long)
  3. A mile is an empowering way to complete a race in minutes, without requiring hours of training
  4. A mile allows for racing in heats, creating an atmosphere of celebration mixed with anticipation
  5. A mile is just long enough to allow for serious post-race revelry at a few of the local pubs


And all of those things came to fruition on a Thursday evening during the inaugural Nxtbook-It and Crawl 1 mile race in downtown Lancaster County Park. Excitement bounced through the air as registrants collected their bibs and headed down to the paved road running alongside the waterway. Whether you were there to time your fastest mile, to walk your mile on the shady roadway, or simply to raise money for charity, you couldn’t help but get swept up in everyone’s enthusiasm of being there. The fastest time was 5:31, but awards were given to the top three racers in each heat. Photos of the event can be found on our smugmug gallery, in addition to the few posted here:

1 6 5 4 3 2 1andahalf

After the event, the runners continued their celebrations by participating in a bar crawl. All of the proceeds from both events went to the three charities Nxtbook Media supports for the year 2014, including JDRF, OneRun Together, and the Pet Pantry of Lancastery County.

Congratulations to all the runners (and crawlers!) and thank you for a great inaugural event. We’ll see you again next year!