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Numbers Behind the News

Written by Nxtbook Media

Still wondering how your audience is using mobile devices? Questioning the relevance of the iPhone, iPad, Droids, and so on with respect to your content? Consider Omniture’s tracking statistics for the past month. Among all Omniture-tracked websites, these are the percentages for each device used to access the site:

Apple iPhone: 37.9%  
Apple iPad: 17.8% 
Apple iPod Touch: 9.1% 
Nokia 5800: 4.6%  
Nokia N8-00: 3.2%
HTC Evo: 3.1%   
Motorola Droid: 2.7%  
Nokia 5230: 2.7%
Motorola DroidX: 2.5% 
Blackberry 8530/Curve: 2.2% 
HTC Droid Incredible: 1.8%   
Nokia 5233: 1.7% 
Nokia E71: 1.7%  
Nokia E63: 1.6%  
Nokia X6: 1.6%
RIM Blackberry 9700/Onyx: 1.6%  
Nokia 5530: 1.5%
Blackberry 8330: 1.4%
Nokia E72: 1.4%  

And here is the breakdown by mobile operating system:

iOS: 48.6%
Symbian (Nokia): 23.4%
Android: 16.8%
RIM (Blackberry): 9.3%

You can compare this data to JanuaryDecember, and November‘s numbers.