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Now Delivering Magazines To Outer Space

Written by Joy Beachy

It isn’t often you have a thank you letter from NASA sitting on your desk. But Jeff "TJ" Martin, a Project Manager here at Nxtbook Media, received one such letter. Why? Because he helped NASA make sure American Astronaut Don Pettit could get his favorite magazines, even when his "residence" was in orbit.

Pettit launched to join the crew on the International Space Station on December 21, 2011. He completed his mission as a Flight Engineer for Expedition 30 and 31, returning to Earth on July 1st, 2012. For over seven months Pettit worked and lived in space, well over two hundred miles from the nearest restaurant, coffee shop, or newsstand. While shuttling amenities like magazines to Pettit’s temporary address would be rather difficult, our platform made it so he could continue to enjoy reading new issues while in space. Jeff was integral to the process, showing NASA how to use the offline version of the digital magazine as the Internet is surprisingly slow in the Space Station.

In the letter to Jeff, Expedition 31 Crew Support Astronaut Jack Fischer wrote:
"On behalf of Don Pettit, thank you for your support during this mission. Access to their favorite media helps to keep them connected with their interests and hobbies, and helps them to stay current with what is important to them. The effort you have put forth and your assistance with the magazine were greatly appreciated!"

As a thank you, the support crew at the Johnson Space Center also sent Jeff a few Expedition posters and an official Expedition 31 pin, with graphics designed by Don Pettit.

Good work Jeff!