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Not Much Rest in the City that Doesn’t Sleep

Written by Marcus Grimm

What a week at the Folio: SHOW in New York. Much of the NXTbook team was on hand to meet and greet with a lot of the top magazine publishers in the US (and beyond!). For us, it was a great opportunity to re-connect with some of our best customers. I haven’t checked with the rest of the team yet, but personally, I was able to spend at least a minute with people from Edutopia, Upshot Magazine, University Business and Today’s Officer, and the rest of our team was as busy – if not busier!- than I was. And when we weren’t talking to customers, we were talking to potential customers. We learned about dozens of great publications and hope to bring them into the NXTbook fold in the coming weeks.

If you’re into blogger-stalking (and who isn’t?), you were in your glory at the show. Rex Hammock, Paul Conley and Jeff Jarvis were all there, as was blog ring-leader Dorian Benkoil (who let me pummel him with NXTbook facts and figures! (sorry, Dorian!)). Heck, they even had Lockhart Steele in the house!

Thanks to Tony, Kelly, Gina, Allyson and the entire Red7 team who made the show a big hit for everyone!