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New Orleans Invites Visitors with Nxtbook Media

Written by Marcus Grimm

Bound and determined to replenish tourist revenues to their pre-Katrina point of nearly $5 billion annually, the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau has published its 2005-2006 Visitors Guide online in a digital format provided by Nxtbook Media. The Visitors Guide is free and available on the Bureau’s Web site, located at

Online, visitors may view the 156 page guide in its entirety, as well as print or e-mail copies of the guide to others.

The Nxtbook allows magazine, book and brochure publishers to present an optimized copy of their printed material on a standard Internet browser. The addition of hyperlinks, audio and even videos presents readers with a media-rich experience impossible to replicate in a standard print format.

Kim Priez, vice president of tourism for the bureau said, “As the city continues rebuilding, it’s vital that we find new and innovative ways to tell people that “New Orleans is open for business.” The Nxtbook format enables us to send that message to our online audience. While we encourage anyone who wishes to order the Visitors Guide in print to please do so, the digital edition gives us a way to show our great city without the added costs of publishing and distribution.”

Spencer Ewald, president of Nxtbook Media(TM) said, “Every customer we have wants to expand their reach and simultaneously reduce their costs. Nxtbook accomplishes this by merging the distribution economics of the Internet with the look of printed materials. In this case, the needs of the customer were especially critical and we’re proud to work with the bureau and assist them in delivering this important message.”