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Most Social Nxtbook Ever…

Written by Nxtbook Media

What happens when you put a popular music group on the cover of your digital magazine? Several things:

1) People tweet about it. In fact, 3% of all readers to this issue came via Twitter.

2) It ends up on Facebook. In fact, 4% of all readers came to this issue because it was posted on Facebook pages.

3) Engaged readers click on ads. While we consider click-through data to be proprietary, the numbers in this issue are the type you just don’t see on websites.

4) Ditto the engagement time. People aren’t just reading the article about the Newsboys… They’re browsing the entire edition, staying for several minutes.

Incidentally, this magazine helped make Monday be the biggest day ever for Nxtbooks on Twitter. Since January 1, Twitter has risen through the ranks of social media referrals for our digital magazines. At this point, Twitter is just behind Delicious in social media referrals to digital magazines. That being said, it’s still way behind Facebook, which continues to be the #1 social media tool for Nxtbook promotion.