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Looking Forward at the NXT Big Thing….

Written by Marcus Grimm

There’s been some promising technology buzz in the past week or so which supports the idea that the way we’re presenting NXTbooks is only going to get better and better in the coming months.

First up, our good friends at Adobe have released their own reader for Digital Editions. Forgetting the fact that a proprietary reader is not what anybody is interested in these days, if you view one of the few books in their library that is done in XHTML, you’ll see some very slick resizing and reflowing of text (similar to Times Reader). Very nice.

Meanwhile, Idio is poised to release a let-the-reader- make-it-themselves-digital-magazine for the digital edition market. While their business model could be a little bit in question (we don’t see many publishers just handing content over to a competitor without a very generous rev. share plan and Idio is looking for content writers (which don’t come free)), the technology being used has potential, and – like the Adobe solution – we’ll be checking to see if and how these advancements can make the NXTbook even better for our readers.