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Little Tab Brings Big Benefits

Written by Nxtbook Media

When your magazine delivers as much vital information to a targeted audience as the Wedding Guide Chicago, being able to quickly break that information down for your readers is crucial. The readers – in this instance, wedding parties – need to be able to use this magazine as a resource for everything from knowing which caterers serve roasted chicken to knowing how much to tip the band. But turning through 300 pages to find this information might be asking a lot.

To solve the problem, Wedding Guide Chicago added customized tabs with icons denoting what each tabbed section covers. There’s a clipboard for the planning section, camera for photography, and a dress for, well, the dress. 20 tabs in all break up the sections, adding surprising benefits for advertisers as well as readers.

Benefits to readers: This magazine covers everything, and having an enterprising bride flip through each page is a real possibility. But if the reader has a specific topic she wants to address, it is very easy for her to simply flip to the section covering that interest.

Benefits to advertisers: This highly effective use of tabs turns the typical ad placement model on its ear. Typically, the ads at the front of the magazine are given higher value based on the theory readers peruse from front to back, left to right. Now, readers will be coming in to the magazine in multiple sections, increasing the value of ads placed throughout the edition.

Benefits to publishers: If a bride can easily find the information she is looking for, your magazine becomes a valuable resource for her to share with her friends. In an industry with few repeat customers, garnering this word-of-mouth circulation is vital. Of course, the added value associated with ad placement also makes it easier to sell ads, perhaps at a higher rate, as well.

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