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It’s Back… and Better than Ever!

Written by Nxtbook Media

Of all the things we did in 2010, one of our favorite was the 2010 State of the Digital Edition Industry Survey. This one was a ground-breaker for us, as it asked publishers like you tough questions about their satisfaction with the circulation and revenue generation of their digital editions.

In addition, the survey asked pointed questions about your thoughts on the mobile market and designed-for-digital optimized digital editions. The result was fascinating, and served as the basis for a research report and webinar with FOLIO.

Not surprisingly, we’re thrilled to release this year’s survey to you and hope the response will be just as enthusiastic. Once again, we’ve kept the survey short – around 20 multiple choice questions. And once again, there’s an iPad in it for one lucky survey taker. So if you’ve got a digital edition, don’t wait. Give us 10 minutes of your time and tell us what you think!

Click here to view the survey!