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Is Thea Selby Asking the Right Question?

Written by Joy Beachy

Over at Publishing Executive, Thea Selby writes, "How many magazines are being sold on the tablets? This seems like it would be an elementary question, one covered far and wide. But, my research tells me that this information does not exist out there in any accessible way. So, how did I compile it? Remember when you used to have to count on your fingers to figure out things? That’s basically what I did. I went to three different tablets, found digital magazines, and added them up."

To which I would say, "Who cares?"

I mean, on a certain level I get it. Tablets (really, the iPad, but for the sake of argument, tablets) are exploding. Therefore, it makes sense to see how digital magazine sales are on the iPad (err, tablet). But that’s really not what’s happening. Instead, what’s happening is that you and I and a lot of people are spending some of our day on our computers, and our tablets and our smartphones, and the real question is can we buy our digital magazine on one of those platforms and have it follow us to all three? Because that’s really where the power is – in media that can be bought once and follow us everywhere.

So while it’s ok to ask how your sales are on one platform today, it’s a rather shortsighted way of looking at where your content better go tomorrow.