Written by Marcus Grimm

Lancaster, PA — January 5, 2007

Lancaster, PA-based
digital publisher Nxtbook Media has reported record sales and traffic
for the year ending 2006. Sales for the year were 254% over the
company’s 2005 figures, and the number of Nxtbooks opened by readers
was 359% more than 2005 figures. In addition, the number of pages
viewed per Nxtbook reader increased nearly ten percent.

together, these numbers tell a compelling story,” said Nxtbook Media
CEO Michael Biggerstaff. “Everyone loves to talk about revenue and our
’06 increase was outstanding. But the dramatic increases in readers and
pages read per visit talk to the viability of the digital edition
marketplace and the overall user satisfaction of our publishers’

Nxtbook Media’s year-end traffic reports also
pointed out another trend consistent with other web content providers:
an astounding increase in the amount of video streamed from digital

“A 2005 to 2006 percentage comparison would be
too lop-sided to be meaningful,” said Biggerstaff. “It’s simpler to say
that we’re currently streaming hundreds of gigabytes of video per month
and that we’re streaming the amount of video each week that we saw in
the entire year of 2005."

Biggerstaff attributed the dramatic growth to the following factors:

  • Continued
    focus on product development. Nxtbook announced four major product
    upgrades in 2006 — far more than any other provider in the marketplace.
    Product upgrades were designed to improve usability of the product as
    well as to help publishers sell more sponsorships — a key factor in
    digital edition success.
  • Increased focus on
    International resellers. In 2006, Nxtbook Media added representation in
    three countries, bringing the total of International resellers to six.
  • Steady
    strong growth within the organization. During 2006, Nxtbook Media
    tripled both its sales and production staff, but did so methodically
    throughout the year.

Biggerstaff admitted
that Nxtbook Media’s numbers are contrary to what others in the
marketplace have speculated regarding the viability of digital editions.

we occasionally read reports that publishers are struggling to be
successful with digital editions, our statistics show otherwise. At
Nxtbook Media, we’re working with more publishers than ever, more
readers are reading their digital editions each month and are staying
inside those digital editions for a longer period of time, so our
personal experiences are great and have only gotten better from month
to month."

Biggerstaff speculated why Nxtbook’s numbers may differ from industry perception:

we’ve been around for a while, so we’ve already seen what doesn’t work
and stopped doing it. As new competitors come into the market space,
publishers who work with them are missing out on the years of
experience we have. And second, of all the ‘veterans’ in the space,
we’re the ones who are working the hardest to evolve as the market
changes. We think this unique combination of market experience and
product development result in a positive experience for our customers."