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Interesting and Yet – A Bit Suspect

Written by Nxtbook Media

A very interesting study was posted by a company called Knotice. The study looked at what percentage of emails were being opened on mobile devices. It’s a study worth checking out because emails are one of the major ways that digital editions are promoted.

While the 13.35% overall mobile open rate "feels" right to me, I was surprised that they reported that only a little more than 3% of BtoB emails are being opened on mobile devices. Of course, this result is hugely dependent on how the various companies were categorized, but I suspect that number to be a tad low.

Considering that we’re seeing 3% of digital edition readership on tablets and mobile and a large number of our clients are BtoB, I find it hard to believe that we’re truly that far behind in this area. If you’re a publisher doing a lot of email, tell us what you think? Are only 3% of your reader consuming your email on mobile devices?