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Increased Costs for Print

Written by Nxtbook Media

If you run a quick search on google, you can find reports on continued increased prices for print. In an article about increasing costs for printing plates, Director of Current Solutions for Commercial and Publishing and Marketing Director for Offset Consumables Kevin Cazabon said," this is not a new situation for printers, who have been facing pricing increases for just about everything, including ink, paper, and energy." Couple this with ever-increasing rates for shipping and distribution, and the cost of print magazines – for an audience rapidly turning to the Web for entertainment, news, and reading – gets only higher.

As Mr. Cazabon said, this is not a new story. We’ve been there ourselves. Prior to becoming Nxtbook Media, the Nxtbook Executives worked in the print publishing industry. As Partner and Vice President of Operations Jim Lewis states, "I’ve been in printing for thirty-five years — so long that I’m one of those guys who people say ‘bleeds ink.’ The problem with this metaphor is that too many of the publishers I work with are bleeding profits!"

With a background steeped in publishing, Nxtbook Media’s approach to digital editions is to ensure the best quality and service for publishers. Finances are an undeniable factor for many publishers to switch to a digital format, and that’s something we understand. Because of that, Nxtbook seeks to provides you with the best training on how to maximize your ROI and revenue generation with a digital edition. At the same time, we provide our clients with the best customer service because we know the difference between having to leave a message at the beep and getting to talk directly with the head of production. We know where you are coming from, having been there ourselves. Now it’s our turn to help publishers leap into digital printing with confidence and know-how.

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