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IBM Proves You Can Always Try Something New in Digital

Written by Joy Beachy

A longstanding client, IBM, has produced numerous replica-like editions with us over the years. (Like this one.)

Then the client came to us with a specific need: IBM was looking to create a dynamic digital publication to demonstrate thought-leadership within their industry to banking executives. It was to be thoughtfully designed, executed with creativity, and to include features that would engage their target audience.

The Nxtbook Media Strategic Services Team worked with IBM and their vendor Maximum Press to create a design concept that was tailored to the “New Frontiers in Banking” theme, while sticking to the simple branding standards of IBM. This clean design allows readers to focus on the content itself, while the design, layout and images work as supports. In addition to the custom design, the team implemented a new toolbar which features the table of contents button in the center. The heightened focus placed on the button helps readers quickly understand how to jump to any article from any page within the publication.

Because IBM serves a wide and varied audience base, the Team also included the option to translate the text into any language via the power of Google Translate. By clicking the “Translate” button, the article text is brought up in a window overlay with a drop-down of language options to select from. Readers can also choose to go listen as the text is read aloud.

The content in this publication is highlighted as the most important, but the additional features support the messaging, making the piece visually interesting and engaging for the readers. The design and functionality of the piece is firmly placed within the IBM brand, but also positions IBM as a thought-leader on the cutting edge.