How Customized Can You Make It? • Nxtbook Media

How Customized Can You Make It?

Written by Joy Beachy

One of the underused features of digital publishing is the ability to customize the product to your specific audiences. Usually when we talk about customization, it involves animation or specialty features to make the experience better for your readers. But customization could mean making life a little easier on you, too.

For instance, if you have an international audience, a one-edition-fits-most solution will leave part of your audience feeling a little ignored. Instead of creating a digital edition in our standard – English – try creating a digital edition in the languages of your audience by using a custom toolbar. This example shows a magazine whose primary language is Spanish. Click the help button (?) and see how all the instructions appear in Spanish. The entire platform is made for Spanish-speaking people to read and enjoy.

Other custom solutions include serving up different product prices depending on country, or even allowing different advertisements to show depending on a reader’s home address.

Or maybe your large organization needs to be able to track how sales are coming in, and from which sales associate’s region. Add a custom PWS code to the back of your edition like Shaklee did for their product guides, and the correct sales associate receives credit for the sale. The shoppers only see one link to one catalog, but for you, it’s as though you’ve sent specific versions to each consumer.

Customization exists to make your life easier, as it does for your readers. Use it to target specific regions, specific customer lists, or more. It all comes down to what you want to do with it.