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Hoo-Clix Tracks Digital Magazine Click Details

Written by Marcus Grimm


Nxtbook Media  announces the immediate availability of HooClix Enhanced Tracking, which helps magazine publishers share domain-specific click-through data with advertisers.

HooClix Enhanced Tracking tracks which digital magazine readers click on each advertisement of the magazine. The domain address of the reader is placed in a report and is automatically sent to the advertiser each month.

“This is a major advancement for digital magazine technology,” said Nxtbook Media President Spencer Ewald.

“For the first time ever, an advertiser will know which organizations are curious enough about their offers to click on their messages. The automated reporting function enables publishers to provide advertisers this information with a minimal amount of effort," said Ewald.

The HooClix Enhanced Tracking provides advertisers with domain level information but does so without revealing personal data about the reader.

“In the interest of readers’ privacy, we don’t divulge personal information,” said Nxtbook Media Director of Technology Matt Harrington.

“Instead, we merely report that a reader located at a given domain (eg. “someone from “xyz.com”) clicked on a given advertisement,” said Harrington.

While such technology has been employed by e-mail marketers for some time, Nxtbook Media is the first digital publisher to utilize such robust tracking. Borrowing technology from other mediums is nothing new to Nxtbook. Last month, the company became the first digital publisher to provide one-click submissions to Digg and del.icio.us, popular technology solutions previously designed for bloggers.

“As a hybrid product, it’s imperative that digital publishers don’t just embrace the best magazine practices, but also that we utilize what technology companies are doing for other mediums. HooClix Enhanced Tracking is the latest example of that,” said Ewald.

Ewald expects advertisers to be overjoyed at the detail and regularity of the data.

“It’s absolutely vital that publishers understand who is clicking on their digital messages. Smart advertisers aren’t just concerned with click-through rates, but the quality of click-throughs, as well. HooClix is the perfect answer,” said Ewald.