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Giving Life To A Newsletter

Written by Joy Beachy

DaVita is an Italian word for "giving life." It is also the name of our client who came to us saying they wanted to breathe new life into their employee newsletter. As a company focused on delivering support and professional care to others, DaVita also works to foster a culture of community and fun. They asked the Creative Services team at Nxtbook Media to help create a newsletter to reflect this culture.

See the newsletter by clicking here.

Working closely with the client, the Creative Services team designed a publication in a clean, fully optimized layout for the best digital reading experience. Elements of life were added through custom animations that did more than cause text to swirl or images to flash. A ladybug flies across the cover, grabbing readers’ attention from the get-go. Later, shoes walk across the screen to highlight their shoes-a-palooza event. Embedded videos also allow caretakers and employees to share their stories and increase engagement.

The newsletter is a "living" document: it is designed so that DaVita can continue to add content to the publication every month, keeping the content fresh. Because it’s digital, it can be updated at any time, and the link to reach it will stay the same.

In the end, the newsletter is more than a document passed out to employees to remind them of their company’s mission or of the events of the month. Instead, this piece offers fresh and engaging content for the ones who work to give life to others.