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Folio Show 2010 from a Newbie

Written by Nxtbook Media

Greetings! I – Joy Curtis – am the Marketing Coordinator at Nxtbook Media.  This was the first Folio Show I attended, and I enjoyed myself immensely. Below, I tell you more about what I saw, heard, and thought of the 2010 Folio Show.

In a way, it was kind of like a college graduation.  No, the event wasn’t filmed by anxious parents, no one was sneaking in fireworks and beach balls, and I don’t think anyone worried about tripping over their own feet.  It was like a graduation for three different reasons:

1.  Speeches.  Tons of them.  As an attendee, the 4 keynote speakers and 12 sessions were undoubtedly practical and informative.  Everyone I talked to had only positive things to say about the speakers.

One speaker in particular stands out in my mind: Nxtblog’s own Marcus Grimm gave his speech, Screen Wars.  With a high-energy delivery, Marcus described each e-reader experience available through Nxtbook Media (and there were a lot), while also detailing why these devices were, or were not, good choices for your business.

Like any good graduation speech, it’s always good to add some humor.  Folio’s Matt Kinsman demonstrated that when he introduced the Wednesday morning keynote speaker saying, "I don’t know who’s hurting more – the people who hung around the wine bar last night, or those who did the Fun Run this morning."

Of course, as a booth staffer, I found the frequent speeches and limited exhibit hall hours a bit frustrating.  Nxtbook’s booth was "armed to the teeth" with staff ready to empower any publisher walking by; during sessions, however, we had little to do but wait.

2. A gathering of the leaders, teachers, and shakers.  This was my first opportunity to formally meet industry celebrities like Josh Gordon, Tony Silber, and the "Grand Poobah" Carl Landau.  The Folio Show proved an excellent place to finally put faces with the names I’ve been hearing and reading about.  Even better, I had the chance to connect with several Nxtbook clients, including Carol Ott of Habitat (website) and Joy Puzzo of Advanstar (website).  The Folio Show opened the door for good conversation and information exchange.

3. Commencement. A call to action.  Here’s what you should take from the 2010 Folio Show: there were, indeed, a lot of good speeches and conversations.  The key is to do something with what was discussed.  We heard success stories about magazines on multiple platforms, online networking to engage communities in conversation, and complete business model transformation to feature digital content.  Now, we are released into the world to use what we’ve learned.

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— Joy