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Finding Readers for Your App

Written by Joy Beachy

… isn’t easy, as this article from eMedia Vitals points out. With more than 3,000 different digital editions on the newsstand, and no idea how to get top billing as one of Apple’s featured apps, finding your way into a readers’ hands just ain’t that easy.

We’ve said this before, of course, which is why as much as we continue to improve our native apps, we know that our customers will find most of their readers on the socially fueled and search-engined powered browser.

As far as programs like Zinio’s Collections, which, according to the article offer "a way to promote long-tail content that might not otherwise be found," we’ll just say what we’ve said since the first time a digital edition newsstand banged their long-tail drum: In long-tail economics, it’s not the creator who prospers; it’s the aggregator who does so, based on lots of publishers making very little. This means if you have hopes about making gobs of money while participating in anything described as long-tail, you may have missed the point.