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Facebook: Taking A Page From The Consumer World

Written by Joy Beachy

Recently Zappos received some attention for their remarkable conversion rate through Facebook. It seems since the inception of the idea that Facebook could be used by businesses to attract consumers to the brand, B2C publishers have been looking for the magic mixture of community and advertising on their social sites into measurable profit.

It’s not alchemy: it’s effort.

Let’s take a look at Zappos’ page.

Attractive images link to product pages: Zappos doesn’t stop at simply posting enticing images of their products. They also post the link to each product’s purchasing page, bringing it as close to one-click purchase as they can on a third party’s site.


An audience-appropriate contest: Contests can be used to gain brand awareness, or in the case of magazines, potential readers. Be strategic in running a contest, both in what you offer your readers and in what you expect in return. Read more about running contests here.


Connected to Pinterest: The new social site Pinterest can be a huge boon for image-based magazines. Why not leverage content across multiple social platforms? It works for Zappos!


Timely references to current events (such as the super bowl): No matter if your publication is industry-based or consumer-centric, referencing current events and exciting occasions can help drive traffic and generate interest in your readers.


Conversational Polls: Not all polls have to relate to politics and heavy topics. Zappos keeps things light and engaging by polling the audience about what they’re looking forward to wearing in the spring. Polling your readers gives value to their feedback and gives them a way to actively engage with your brand.


Most important to note, this is a highly engaged audience that returns to the site every couple of days. Not every publisher can boast that… yet. Zappos did a lot of things right to get to this point, including customer service, types of products, and marketing. And it is because of their ability to do things right that makes them someone to follow.