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Face Off Between Google+ and Facebook?

Written by Nxtbook Media

Ok, before you get too tired of Google+ conversations, have you considered how you want to use it for your social brand?

In your evaluations of Google+, you might question what it can offer your brand. It’s no secret that as of right now, Google+ is openly denying or removing business profile pages. In what is obviously a direct contrast to that, Facebook is pushing the advantage and teaching businesses how to use Facebook pages to build a brand.

However, Google+ could be an opportunity for people within your company to use updates and sharing to generate conversation about your brand in a new and relatively untapped environment. For instance, you can host a hangout with some of your biggest fans and your company leaders to expand your influence. Having these conversations outside the shadow of your brand name or page might lend them more authenticity.

There are opportunities in social media to get creative in connecting with your audience and establishing a presence for those who are interested in your content. Just to give you an idea of what some publishers are doing on Facebook, check out NailPro magazine and Connections magazine’s Facebook pages. Take a look, then let us know how you think Google+ and Facebook can best be used for your brand.