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Does Your Brand Have Klout?

Written by Nxtbook Media

There’s an interesting article over at FOLIO ranking magazine brands according to their number of Twitter followers. Getting to be #1 on the list requires nearly 3 million, yet you can crack the list with a bit more than 170,000.

But Twitter followers is just a piece of the story. After all, anyone can get a ton of followers, but that doesn’t mean that your brand’s content is being consumed by people, which is sort of the point. And for that, there’s Klout.

What Klout does is look not just at your number of followers, but how likely they are to consume and forward your content. AND they do it for a wide variety of social media platforms, not just Twitter. As such, your Facebook, YouTube, etc. activity all help to build your Klout score.

Because Klout is new, it’s not perfect and – not unlike the FOLIO article – perhaps a bit too much of the score is influenced by the number of Twitter followers. However, it is all relative, and I found it interest that People’s KLOUT score was nearly identical to Men’s Health, despite the fact that the latter has only 20% of the followers as people.

So what’s your Klout score?