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Displacement Theory & the iPad

Written by Nxtbook Media

A very very insightful post looking at the displacement theory as it relates to the iPad.

In a nutshell, displacement theory says that if somebody chooses to spend time with the iPad, it means they’re going to have spend less time doing something else (until Steve Jobs figures out a way to package a 25 hour day in a shiny wrapper). What’s interesting about this is that for most people, the iPad probably won’t replace free time, because that horse left the barn a long time ago.

Instead, the iPad will replace time spent on other web browsing devices, like laptops and smartphones.

So how does this relate to digital magazines? Simple: readers of your content on the iPad, according to displacement theory, probably aren’t going to be new readers. Instead, they’ll be your same old readers coming to you on new devices. This means – as we’ve been saying for some time – you will need to be on these devices to keep your readers, but because these aren’t additional readers, you need to do it without spending gobs of extra cash. In short, if you’ve got a digital magazine, you need to make sure it can play on all of these devices without spending more money because it’s vital to maintain the readers you already have that are being displaced to other devices.