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Digital Magazines v. Blog Articles (Part 2)

Written by Nxtbook Media

"A high school teacher drew a dot on the blackboard and asked the class what it was. ‘A chalk dot on the blackboard,’ was the only response. ‘I’m surprised at you,’ the teacher said. ‘I did this exercise with a group of kindergartners and they thought of fifty different things it could be: an owl’s eye, a squashed bug a cow’s head. They had their imaginations in high gear.’" – Think Like A Kid

A blog is not a good substitute for a digital magazine, but if you’re thinking of blogs strictly as a place to post articles for readers, then you don’t have your imagination in high gear. There are an abundance of other uses that could be helpful for your digital magazine, especially if you are looking to provide extra value to your current or potential readers. For example:

  • Use it to build a community – Pull in your Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds to tie people to your social media community. Post teaser pieces or the beginnings of articles and get people excited about your content. (Link those teasers to the articles in your digital edition and viola! More readers!) Feature letters to the editor, feedback, or opinions or publication receives to show you’re listening. Add timely information about your company or event updates that show you in the community or interacting with readers.
  • Feature your writers – Those who write for you already know how to use words to grab attention or tell a story. Let them loose on your blog! They can share their stories with profile information, or give supplemental details that was in their notes but didn’t make the editorial cut, or provide follow-ups to interviews or articles written in the last issue of your publication. (Again, link back to your issues to keep driving readers to your pages.)
  • Use additional content to lure Web surfers to your brand, convince them of the quality information your publication delivers, and give them the opportunity to dive in or sign up to have your issues delivered directly to them.
  • Keep your site to yourself! It may seem contradictory to make your blog or site subscription-based, but by doing this you can "sweeten the pot" for subscribers or current readers by using the site to build a closer relationship with them. Provide insider or behind the scenes details, never-released content, or special deals so your readers feel they are part of a secret club, getting exclusive tidbits other non-subscribers miss out on. You can even advertise this club in your digital edition with buttons labeled "Members only" or links pointing to your login page.

Use your imagination! Your digital presence can extend as far as the Internet can, and if you’re truly creative, you can set yourself apart and keep readers coming back for more.