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Digital Magazine Success is Not the Exception but the Trend

Written by Nxtbook Media

It isn’t often I recommend articles, but I found "Andrew Rashbass: ‘The biggest reason we’re successful is that we are lucky’" to be well worth my time. Chief Executive Andrew Rashbass of the Economist group gave his first interview in quite some time, detailing the journey of the Economist magazine and website.

While the article provides a pretty comprehensive look at the Economist’s story, it naturally focuses on the magazine’s success. While Rashbass attributes much of that to luck, there are a couple of other factors to note:

1. Rashbass did his research, and therefore knows his audience. For example, in understanding the impact of tablets and eReaders on consuming his content, he polled subscribers to ask how they read the Economist now, and how they expect to read it in the future. (The number of subscribers expecting to read print in two years dropped 35%.)

2. He has an understanding of how readers consume content differently depending on the platform, and he builds content to fit that understanding.

3. He is relaxed about his print sales, recognizing that print sales is not the big picture. The big picture view includes the digital scope.

Lastly, something the article points out which I think is worth noting is that Rashbass doesn’t see the Economist as an exception, but "a manifestation of broader trends.’" It’s tempting to say that 100,000 digital subscribers is not a big deal because it’s a well known title. Instead, it’s better to see it as a case study for the future of digital magazines.

Of course, much more was covered in the article, so  click here to read it.