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Digital Brochure to Drive Travelers to Booking Website

Written by Joy Beachy

BonjourLaFrance was a travel site that had it all: transportation information, booking resources, tourist activities, maps, lodging options, even French recipes to get you in the mood for genuine French cuisine. Yet, they still had one problem: driving tourists to their one-stop-shop site.

To meet this need, BonjourLaFrance connected with Nxtbook Media’s Strategic Services team to create a customized digital brochure. The goal of the “Plan Your French Adventure” brochure was to entice new readers to go to France, and to use to get all their information and tickets.

Every step of the process centered around strategic design and careful attention to details to achieve both goals. For starters, the URL of the brochure used a domain mask: while the brochure is hosted by Nxtbook Media, the URL points back to Bonjourlafrance for brand continuity. The brand is further reinforced by logo remaining viewable at all times from its position in the toolbar, as well as appearing on every page.

Navigation is made simple by using both words and images in a vertical navigation bar that is always to the right of the publication. This quickly connects readers to the information they’re searching for, eliminating the need to continuously consult the contents page for direction. The comfortable layout makes reading a pleasure, and large photographs of food, activities and landscapes of France inspire a desire to travel.

BonjourLaFrance capitalizes on this inspiration quickly by linking every image and keywords to corresponding sections of their website. It takes a single click to achieve the second goal of the publication. The Strategic Services team made the key decision to present the website within a Web Window which allows readers to interact fully with the site, then return to the publication for more information and potentially click to the site again.

Flip through the brochure by clicking here, but don’t blame us if you end up inspired to book the next flight to France because of it.