Developing Online Content Experiences With a High ROI

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May 25, 2022

Developing Online Content Experiences With a High ROI

The online world creates numerous opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers and bring them value in new, exciting ways. But each of those methods relies on one foundation — strong content. Content marketing is key for any marketing professional looking to drive leads. Today’s customers expect value, and they seek brands that provide them with an excellent online experience.

Crafting an effective digital marketing campaign</a >is intensive and requires you to stay on your toes in an ever-evolving online world. With a robust strategy, these online touchpoints can drive incredible results for your company. Discover how to develop online content experiences with a high return on investment (ROI).

Integrating Content Into the Sales Funnel

To generate that ROI you need, begin by aligning all digital content experiences with the sales funnel. Use each step of the buyer journey to guide the types of content you create.

Lead with your target audience. Effective content is specialized content. By knowing upfront who your ideal customer is, you’ll set yourself up for high-quality leads who are more likely to convert. This foundation will help you make the most efficient use of your marketing budget, increasing ROI by cutting unnecessary spending.

Lead-Generating Content

With your target audience in mind, you can now create content that attracts those potential customers.

To generate leads, you’ll want to create valuable digital content that meets your audience where they’re at. Get that content seen by as many high-quality leads as possible by:

Lead-Nurturing Content

Once you’ve generated strong leads, you’ll need content that shows your audience you’re the best choice for them. Drill down to more product-specific information here. Provide convincing reasons for customers to choose you and back up your claims.

To increase ROI at this stage, build brand trust. Eighty-one percent of buyers report that brand trust influences their purchase decisions. Keep authenticity top of mind while you create content.

Consider developing content that provides answers in a creative way while nudging readers toward the conversion stage. An example of a content experience that nurtures leads could be a quiz that evaluates viewers’ pain points and directs them toward products or services that could help.

Content That Closes Leads

You’ve done a great job of gathering those leads and nurturing them toward conversion. Now it’s time to make the most of all that hard work.

Here, make it as straightforward as possible for your leads to convert. Whatever your primary business goals are with this customer segment, create content that points them toward a relevant page. Craft compelling calls to action (CTAs) that make it clear what the user’s next step should be.

Maybe you want your audience to make a purchase, contact you for more information or visit a store. For web-based conversions especially, make sure the relevant page is user-friendly. Create seamless product pages with a simple purchase process. Craft focused contact pages that give the reader the necessary information at a glance.

Content for Current Customers

You’ve effectively converted your leads, and you now have a growing number of current customers. For an impressive ROI, dedicate time to the customer retention stage of the sales funnel. Maintaining your existing customers costs five times less
than attracting new ones, and it brings more money in.

Help your customers get the most out of their recent purchase by providing guides or creative ways to use your product. Also, create content that builds a community around your brand. Leveraging a brand community helps foster an emotional connection between you and your customers. Generate content that makes this connection and prompts your existing fans to discuss your brand online — for example, encouraging user-generated content on social media.

5 Best Practice Ideas for High ROI Content

Though you certainly want to tailor your content for each stage of the buyer journey, some tips apply to all content. Here are five of our favorites to help you generate a high ROI:

1. Match Content Ideas to Your Value Proposition

Because your content needs to bring value to your reader and provide a seamless brand experience, keep your value proposition at the forefront of all content ideas. Let every piece of content point to that core value proposition in one way or another.

2. Develop Evergreen Content

Evergreen content will allow for more efficient use of your marketing budget because you can reuse it in the future. Plus, since it’s not centered around a short-term topical trend, evergreen content can keep drawing in leads ; for a long time to come.

3. Scale Your Content Effectively

As you look to increase the ROI of your content, keep an eye on the data. Make a note of high-performing content areas and areas for potential growth. Use these insights to find opportunities and gaps to scale your content effectively.

4. Create Multi-Channel Content Experiences

The digital age means you have more places to reach your potential customers. Meet your audience where they’re at by  creating multi-channel content experiences. More than that, see where you can apply effective strategies across channels. You might be surprised by how much use you can get out of a single headline or attention-grabbing data point. Make your content work for you and increase the returns by repurposing it wherever possible.

5. Promote Content on Platforms That Stand Out

Promote your content online via email, your website and social media. Strategically decide which platforms will provide the most significant returns for you. With social media alone, you have many options, but your target audience and business goals will help you determine the most effective choices. If you’re targeting ages 18 to 29, you might put more effort into Instagram — about 71% of the age group uses that platform.

See Nxtbook Media’s Content Experience Platform in Action

Nxtbook Media offers a content creation system to help you create visually stunning content for every stage of the sales funnel. With PageRaft, seamlessly design content that engages your audience for over seven minutes per visit. If you have an existing PDF, use nxtbook to transform it into a user-friendly digital publication.

At Nxtbook Media, we make it easy for you to share your content to other platforms, and we provide third-party analytics to prove your ROI every step of the way.

Use one of our digital content creation tools to generate unique content users will love interacting with. Schedule a demo to see our platforms in action today!


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