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Design for Mobile or Design for Mobility…

Written by Marcus Grimm

Michael Turro points us to this great article which explores the difference between designing for mobile and designing for mobility:

It’s helpful to contrast designing for mobility with designing for
sedentariness. What we hadn’t realized until we were designing
explicitly for mobility is that, in the past, we had been designing not
just for the “PC,” but for a sedentary experience. We shared unstated
assumptions that people would remain in one place for long periods of
time, with little change in their environment. We could take advantage
of this with software experiences that rewarded deeper engagement,
encouraged exploration and play, allowed for more complicated
interactions to achieve a goal.

A key characteristic of mobility is that the environment around the
user is dynamic — they’re walking, driving, on transit, in restaurants,
theaters, offices, moving from place to place, context to context.
Things around them are constantly changing.

Transit crowd aside, does the audience in the second paragraph sound like someone’s who’s going to read a magazine the way most publishers hope people would interact with their brand? Not really.

This doesn’t go to say that your content shouldn’t be offered via mobile, only that offering it up in its full-issue format isn’t likely to garner as much engagement as you would from a pc user who is already predisposed to a "sedentary experience."

In contrast, our new Nxttext program is designed specifically for mobility – for the user with not a lot of time who wants more info. from your brand.