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Deep Links Provided by Nxtbook Media

Written by Marcus Grimm

We try to keep this blog news focused. We try hard not to fall into shameless self-promotion. But once in a while, we do something that we think will utterly change the way people read Nxtbooks and we have no choice but to plug it.

One of the most legitimate knocks on our product (and our competitors’ products) is that while you could share links to whole issues of magazines or send page links to people via e-mail, it was impossible to make it easy for bloggers to post "deep links," — links that would deliver people to specific pages in the text.

Today, with the release of our single-page URL feature (ugh — that really needs a better name!), you can do just that. When you open a NXTbook, you’ll now find a new button that says, LINK. Clicking that button enables the reader to quickly and easily do the following:

– Copy the URL from that page of the Nxtbook

– Add that URL to your own Favorites or Bookmarks

– Post that URL to either and Digg

Try the new feature out here.

We are the first digital publisher to add this feature and believe that it goes a long way to helping people save and share content, which is what the Internet is all about.

Stay tuned for the Nxtbook Media Guide to the Social Internet, due to be released soon!