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Creating a Capital Campaign Video that Moves

Written by Joy Beachy

Arch Street Center is a non-profit in Lancaster, PA which provides a place for adults with mental illness to go during the day. Their mission is promote their general well-being by providing a gathering place with an atmosphere that is positive and supportive. However, the Arch Street Center was looking to make a bold move: they needed to move their location to a larger facility, and they needed a strong piece of content to aid the campaign to raise funding money.

One of the most emotive forms of content is video, and with YouTube’s every growing circulation base, Nxtbook Media’s Strategic Services team knew it would deliver the results the Arch Street Center was looking for. The team started by creating a storyboard for the overall video structure. It was designed to split into two chapters: one that could serve as a stand-alone piece moving forward while the second is focused on informing and motivating the local community to donate. The team then set about scheduling filming, conducting all interviews, editing, and final compilation at Nxtbook Media’s facility. The final video was a blend of imagery and storytelling designed to move viewers to contribute both to the organization and to the center’s relocation.

As a result of Nxtbook Media’s Strategic Services’ team dedication to the project, Arch Street Center’s Executive Director, Susan Lily, wrote in her letter of thanks the following:

“What a fantastic tool to use in our Campaign and to educate others about the services that Arch Street Center provides. The video turned out fantastic and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reaction from those who have watched it. We have really been blown away by the outpouring of support by Nxtbook Media as well as the Lancaster community.”

Watch the video here.