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Congratulations to the 2012 EXCEL Award Winners

Written by Nxtbook Media

It is the time of year when we celebrate excellence in association publishing with the EXCEL Awards. These annual accolades highlight those who are successfully publishing in both the print and digital realms. Nxtbook clients have always had a good showing in these awards, and this year is no different. However, rather than listing the winners, here are some subtler takeaways from the awards:

1. All elements are celebrated, not just the end product. No single piece of the magazine industry can be removed from the equation, so it makes sense to give awards in every category: design, content, promotional campaigns, media innovation, etc.

2. Digital (or Online) publishing does not equal whatever you post online. There are separate awards for blogs, websites, digital magazines, etc. as each platform is different and requires different kinds of content to make it successful.

3. There was only one magazine to win in the Media Innovation: Digital Magazine category. This one. Someone is doing something right.